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Fishing Rods – How to Choose the Best One?

Posted by on Jul 23, 2015

Fishing Rods – How to Choose the Best One?

A long flexible rod made up of glass components used in catching fish is referred as a fishing rod. Sometimes they are also made using carbon components or classical bamboo. People who have a great passion of fishing in shallow rivers will be eagerly looking to buy a specific rod for it. There are few points to be considered while purchasing a fishing rod. The length of the rod, type of reel to select and even the cost of it. You are also supposed to know what type of fish you want to catch. Here are the instructions for choosing the best fishing rod for shallow rivers.

Rod Power and Rod Action

Most of the people will be confused with rod power and rod action. There are differences in both of these terms. It is necessary to understand the differences to select a best rod.

  • Rod power refers to the pressure it needs to flex the rod.
  • The rod action is determined by looking at the flexing portion of the rod. Faster rods flex in the tip, moderate in the middle and slower rods will flex near the handle of rod.

Rod length

Length of the rod ranges from 6.6 – 8 units. The best rod to select will depend on your requirement. Longer rods will create more leverage comparatively. If you require more leverage to catch your fish you can go for a longer rod. You can decrease the size of your rod based on the leverage you need.


Length of the reel

The length of the reel will not matter as you are fishing in a shallow river. A rod with a small length will also be comfortable. Make sure about the depth of the river and then continue with choosing the rod. Purchase a good quality reel which will not break in the middle.

Price of the rod

NETTI_Patriot_Power_Tip_2010As like other products fishing rods are also available in different prices. There are affordable rods and even highly expensive ones. The cost mainly depends on the quality and the design of the rod. Do not purchase a low quality rod blindly by getting impressed by the design. You can go for the expensive ones as they are worth for it. There are affordable rods with good quality also just spend some time in choosing them.

A final check

Finish selecting the best rod according to your requirement and affordable to your cost. Once you are finished scan the rod completely. Make sure that there are no cracks or damages. Be sure that you are taking an original rod to home.

Follow all these tips provided to own a first class fishing rod in your hand. Return home with a great experience shallow river fishing. Decide the type of fish you need to catch There are various types of fishes in shallow rivers like small moth fishes, sticker pop, pencil sticker, slim dog, turbo, toad, frogs etc. Deciding the type of fish helps selecting best rod. As there are different types of rods for different types of fishing you will find the best product for your convenience.

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